Why Pick a Disabled Car?

For anybody who is a wheelchair user or else you have a friend who might be, you might have probably run into complications when it comes to mobility. The fact is that it’s not necessarily effortless to get around when you happen to be in a wheelchair. Luckily, it’s now much simpler than previously. Councils are placing wheelchair ramps around towns and cities, and making public transport as accessible as possible. Nonetheless there are times when it’s possible you’ll simply want to head out driving making your own choices regarding where you go – without worrying about the limits experienced by trains and buses. In this case, investing in a disabled car – generally known as a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) could be a good plan. Picking a WAV generally is one of probably the most liberating investment decisions you ever make.

Exactly why select a WAV instead of a standard car?

So what can a gehandicapten wagen give which a regular road car cannot? Well, the principal advantage is that a WAV will include a whole host of additional items that make it suitable for use by wheelchair users. Examples of these features include four-point wheelchair securing systems, ramps to get in and out, and extra headroom and space to accommodate the wheelchair. A disabled car such as this will mean that no matter who is driving can be assured that the wheelchair won’t move through the trip, and will be secured in as safely as a regular occupant should be in a car. All WAVs are usually equipped with airbags and other safety features that are exclusively produced for disabled cars.

It is not all about ease-of-access

Selecting a disabled car doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to compromise on appearances or power; far from it. In reality, wheelchair accessible vehicles can be purchased in a comparable range to most regular cars – giving speed as it’s needed and also fuel efficiency. Plus, a number of the world’s leading brands deliver wheelchair accessible vehicles, including Citroen and Peugeot. The cars are designed to be as enjoyable to travel in as is possible, with sizeable windows on the sides to fill the space with sun light – and enable a good view of the surroundings no matter whether you’re a driver or a passenger. You can even find some businesses that retrofit existing vehicles to be wheelchair accessible, despite the fact that these conversions frequently carry a higher price tag. And in case you’re concerned about cost, keep in mind that it’s possible to get a low priced disabled car by way of initiatives including the government’s Motability Scheme.

Try before you purchase

So are you sure that a wheelchair accessible vehicle is the right decision in your case yet? If not, you may always take one of the WAVs in the range out for a spin. Whether you’re driving yourself or you’ll have an acquaintance or family member behind the wheel, test driving a disabled car can be a brilliant method to get a feel for the vehicle – and whether it will make your life less complicated. With a little luck, it’ll do just that.


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