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So – you’ve decided that you need a website, but you’re not sure where to start. You know that in this harsh economic climate you need as much exposure as possible. You know that the internet is open 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You know that your product, or service, or simply what you have to say is of value to many people, and even if it isn’t, you want to share it with the world anyway. And who knows, you might even make even be able to monetize it somehow.

Websites are just like houses. Houses have a street address, houses occupy some physical space and houses have a physical structure. So too do websites.

Firstly, in order to create a website, you need to buy a Domain Name.

A Domain Name is the “street address” of your website. It is usually in the form of jasa marketplace. How do people find your house? You tell them your address. How do people find your business, your shop front, your office? You tell them your business name, and your address. How do people find your website? You first need an address to tell them!! In just the same way that towns and cities are divided into logical street names, so too are Domain Names. You do need to put some thought into your Domain Name – it needs to be concise, it needs to have meaning, and it needs to be easy to remember. Your Domain Name should be easy to spell, and be easy to remember!

Next you need somewhere to put your website. In exactly the same way that houses occupy a piece of land, or part of a building, or some “physical” space, websites occupy some “digital” space. The digital space that your website occupies is called “Hosting”, or “Hosting Space”, or “Website Hosting”. Your Website Hosting Company will allocate you an area within one of their big computers (Server) hard-drives. You rent Hosting space according to your needs in exactly the same way that you would rent a house in which to live. You might want an enormous palatial mansion exclusively for yourself – or you might simply prefer a small apartment in a large building shared with many other “tenants”. Same deal with Website Hosting – there is a size and shape and budget to suit everyone’s needs. Please remember, however, that “cheaper” is not necessarily “better” – like most things in life, you often get what you pay for. Maybe you want the grand mansion, maybe you want the family suburban home, or maybe all you really need is the one room bed sit. You must have somewhere to put your website.

Then comes the interesting part: actually building your website.

The physical structure of your website (the individual pages), like the Website Hosting space (land), can be big or small or anywhere in between. You might want a huge website with hundreds of pages and links to here, there and everywhere. Or you might simply require a one page, stand alone website. One is not better than the other – different websites have different needs.

So – what are your options?

Just like a house, you can contact an Architect, a Designer and a Builder. You can explain your ideas and get a few quotes. Most likely you will be given wildly varying prices, mainly because different website designers have different ideas around what you need, and what they specialize in.

Another option is that you can create your own DIY Website.


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