Nobody Can Do You Like You Can Do You

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Realizing Who WE are!

Here’s the deal. Nobody can do you like you can do you. You are an unmistakably incredibly distinctively unique human being. No one, who has ever lived before, now or after you have passed through this life, can or ever will be able to match you.. Without a doubt, no one feels, thinks, acts, studies, eats, sleeps, engages in sexual activity, holds a conversation, works, sings,laughs, worships or not and/or interacts in relationships in exactly the same manner as you. You maintain a solidified unbreakable persona (DNA structured make-up) that can not be matched or duplicated in unadulterated precision. Try as one might, the process to imitate you or your specifically calibrated actions are virtually impossible. Your thoughts alone, encased in the rhythmic definitive nature of your specialized breathing belongs to your body/mind alone.

Among the almost 7 billion people who inhabit the earth, no one can come close to rendering a facsimile of your true sexual artistic creative nature. You were born as an inherent artistic sensual vibrating energy whose mystery is undisclosed even to you. You are you because you are you and no one else. In that respect, you are exceptional. What does that have to do with anything? Everything! You were born exactly as singularly you for reasons beyond your present scope of understanding or appreciation. You are endowed with enormous gifts, potential, talent and abilities not yet discovered or activated. For that reason alone, are you relegated and designed to perform magnificent feats of unparalleled commotion.

Everything that makes up your human body including the 46 chromosomes, 23 from mother/23 from father is only the pin pointed beginning of the nitrogenic reference point of what actually makes you who you are. Not only does the intricate networking of the gigantic chemically electrical hormonal osmotic fluid processing plant [known casually as your human body] comprise your existence but every existing apparatus {organic and inorganic} that has ever passed your way in the external world before you were born, while you inhabit the earth and after you’re gone, has had/ will have and unceasingly shall continue to play a significant role in developing of your matchless contribution on earth.

You are part of a fathomless whole! The mind boggling things you are capable of implementing can not be written in words of any language. YOU are nothing short of miraculous! If you can but stop for one moment to realize that when you were first conceived, the spark of your life was invisible transported (transfigured) into visibility from a minuscule pin head dot into the fully formed person you are today; how can you ever doubt your adaptabilities in any situation no matter how difficult? You were magically transformed from nothing into something! Wow! Just think about it. It all began with a meeting of two energies: yours mingled with and manufactured by the universal divine brought about through the process of human interaction. Can you get with that? Can you envision the magnitude of your sacred ability encased in your exceptional presence on earth?

Each and every existing consecrated aspect visible and invisible in this world, among these galaxies and other dominions of galaxies, throughout all universes and beyond, throughout time and space as we understand its relevance brought you into being. You are a product of all that has ever been or ever will be. The ineffable celestial creation is in you and you are in it with no definable separation. When you breathe, you breathe you! You are incomparably divine in nature, structure and unconditionally remarkable in every way. And, so is every other human being that has ever existed or will exist. It’s that simple and complete.

Just like you were held inside a sac of gaseous/mineralized water while in your mothers’ womb, (and depended upon her to support, nurture and sustain your life) so too are you held in a celestial gaseous/mineralized universal fluid of H2O for purposes to survive/thrive. You are indeed magnificent; divinely so! You are alive for an incalculably specific reason known only to the intrinsic celestial creator: whether you refer to her/him/it or nothing at all. Still, you unquestionably exist as part of whatever you prefer to worship, love and serve. No matter your differences and/or preferences, the fact that you are breathing indicates you are intricately intertwined in the abundance of all that is. If you deny that anything exists outside of yourself, then that too verifies the existence of something (be it the denial, itself) maintaining you without explanation, defense, excuse or confirmation.

You are you, regardless of how we differ or agree in definition. Your thoughts whether they are argumentative or compliant compose the ever evolving spiraling entirety of you in your delectable mysterious ambiguous glorious totality. You are you! Miraculously stupendously ubiquitously marvelously sexually sensually artistically intelligently humorously spiritually mentally physically nitrogenically celestially universally vibrationally defined! (One ongoing never stopping process of fertilization and decay.} Now, you tell me: is that one hell of deal or what? If we were in a PokerGalaxy game, I’d say we all had Jacks or better to open with Aces over Kings in a full house. What cha’ gonna do with something like that? YOU decide!


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