5 Secrets to Keep Visitors Glued to Your Site

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Traffic is everything. Or so someone said. Everyone talks about getting visitors to come back again and again, but rarely has anyone spoken about actual strategies for some known-but whacky, never thought of, and practical ways to ensure that visitors tear out the bandwidths, come in torrents, and also turn into repeat visitors to their website. Just how on earth is that possible?

Invest, buy, give-away: If you could think of investing money on getting traffic using all sorts of ideas that have been crammed into your poor virtually-tuned-forever-thinking brain, why not purchase bulk subscriptions to some really respected journals, magazines and dailies- the kinds that your website has similarities with- and give your purchased subscriptions away to your own mailing list, subscribers and visitors? See if they don’t come running back to you again or possibly even make your site their home-page. Such is the power of giving!

Provide value like your life depended on it: Much like what we discussed above in the first point, except that perhaps you might have to think of more than just giving some real valuable stuff away. Think of providing value in myriad ways like doing something for them that they would simply love you for. This might be hosting a “User of the Week” 1337x on your homepage, allowing some free publicity for your customers. It might be having dedicated staff (not just email responders) that is willing to go out of their way to do something for visitors or being willing to help them get something. You get the idea, don’t you?

Make it inevitable for them: Sometimes you could do things that make it inevitable for visitors to come back to your site. Say you provide software to do something really important, but you have a small hidden quirk here — visitors and subscribers have to do it online only, through web-based software. Nifty, isn’t it? Can you imagine the traffic count of Microsoft, if it was online based instead of hard-drive or CD based? With customers having to return to your site to use the tool, you have a great opportunity to present new products and services to an audience that is interested in you and has already purchased from you before.

Make them feel welcome: Have you ever thought of making visitors to your site feel appreciated when they land on your site? Think about utilizing a talking virtual bot or chatting software like “live person” which can sense a visitor on your site and strike up a conversation. Wouldn’t you feel like going back to a site where you have been welcomed and spoken to? Also consider a personalized message for your user every time he or she logs in. A quick page where they can check off their interests on the first visit can allow you to customize some content for them upon returning to your site.

Keep your site working: Ever been turned off and frustrated by a site repeatedly going down? Have you vowed to never use a certain site again because of consistent problems using the site? I think anyone who spends a considerable amount of time online can think of a site or two they have sworn off for this very reason. These are valuable customers and potential customers being lost, and consequently revenue being lost as well. How much is it worth to you to keep your site running at peak performance at all times? It should be one of your largest priorities, as it is one that literally directly affects your business. If you can’t or don’t want to manage this process yourself, consider outsourcing your web site monitoring. This can ensure that your site is up and problem free 24/7, 365. You can rest easy at night and customers can always use your site the way it is meant to be used.

Where to Go From Here

The bottom line is that you need to get creative to think of non traditional methods to keep people coming back to your site. It is not necessary to have a unique product or service. Be unique in the way you do business. Your business practices will have great influence on word of mouth and word of web, and will keep your URL flying around the web faster than you can say “advertising”.

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